Import case data from excel

Hey All,

I am trying to import data from excel to my application but I get an error. I am gonna attach the error message. I think it caused by mismatching case property? Could you please help me as soon as possible.



It looks like your excel file has values in the “owner_id” column, but these values aren’t actually IDs of any valid case owners. What are you using in that column?

I want to generate a unique ID. That’s why I put an empty column called owner id. I don’t want to update cases. I want to create new cases from excel file. Even if I remove owner id column I get errror.

When you remove the owner_id column, is the error message the same?

I’ve removed it before import data. Yea error message is the same.

It looks like that error can also occur if owner name is specified, which is a bit misleading. Are you providing owner names? If so, do those names for sure correspond to users, locations, or groups with “case sharing” enabled?

There are owner names. I’ve created a group and “case sharing” is enabled. The name of this group is typed in owner name column

That does sound like it should work. My guess is for some reason or another it can’t find the group. Could you report an issue from that upload page so the support team can investigate the specifics?

As a temporary workaround, you may also try using owner id rather than owner name. To do that, go to the page of the group you want to use, and pull the group ID out of the URL - it should be 32 alphanumeric digits, for example, if the URL is

the group ID will be ea04791d07824be894b04fae34f8cc3b