I want the case that appears in my followup to have filters

I have for exemple the registration form " register " , inside it forms, we have a multiple question at the end, " was it a success " who have "yes" or "no" as possible answer.

Depending on the answer, I want to have two different followup.

If the answer is yes for exemple, I want those who ended up with a yes in the registration to appears in the followup 1

If it is a no, I want those to appear in a followup 2.

For exemple if I register 15 people. 10 of them have a "yes" answer, and 5 have a "no" answer.

I want the followup 1 (the one who had yes as last answer )to have the 10 people inside it
And I want the followup 2 to have 5 people.

Is that possible?
Sorry for my english level

yes but it's a number of different things that you have to do to make it work and I am afraid it will be too difficult to explain easily.
but, here are some areas that will help you

1- make a visit counter Incrementing a counter - CommCare Public - CommCare Public and put this on the beneficiary record.
2- use counter to filter on that question for a caselist filter - Menu Filtering - CommCare Public - CommCare Public
3- another option is to use parent-child cases where the followup counter is on the parent, and the caselist filter will show you the yes's when the visit counter is 1, and no's when the counter is 2.
4- another option is to use a survey form and cases as lookup table multiple choice options. then, you can filter the lookup table based on the visit counter. Multiple Choice Questions with Cases as Choices - CommCare Public - CommCare Public


Thanks for your reply, I already incremented a counter on them, so I gonna try the first and the second choices, to see if it's gonna work or not.

Thanks a lot