I can't log in to commcare mobile application: Unknown domain field

Hello !
I’m using commcare for the first time and i’d like de publish my application in mobile.
After entering the code, the app was installed but i can’t open it because the window showing "username "and “password” fields don’t appear.
So to see it, I went to “see apps for my user” (in the top right corner of the sreen). Then a screen comes showing three fields: “username”, “domain” and “password”. The problem is that i don’t know what to write into the domain field. When i leave it empty i got the error message:
“an invalid username, domain or password was provided. Please make sure all of the fields you entered are correct”

Please help!
I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a solution.

That looks like the screen for “See Apps for My User” - you shouldn’t need to use that if you already have an application installed, are you sure the install completed? When you open CommCare, if an application is installed, it should show you the username and password field.

I’d go back to the previous screen (click “CommCare” in the top left) and try installing the application again. It’s also possible you got here via the “App Manager”, which is a widget made available for dealing with Multiple Apps. I’d make sure to open the CommCare app directly.


Thank you very much for your reply. I’ve tried it out several time closing and opening commcare. but it didn’t work. Finally, I’ve uninstalled the application. Then I reinstall it from my Play Store. Now it’s working…!

I think it’s a problem with my phone capabilites. I’m using Itel and before downloading the application on Playstore there was this notification : “this app may not be optimized for your device”…

Thanks again.