I can´t see cases imported from Excel

I just imported cases from Excel and I want to see them through a new application that I want to launch, now I do not see anything. I want this information to serve as an identification form to choose a case and follow up with another form.

How can I do it? Do I have to make any changes to my application? or is there something I have to do while importing cases from Excel?

I need a lot of help Thank you very much in advance.

Hi Marcos,

Cases in CommCare need to be assigned to a relevant User, Case Sharing Group, or Location in order to be visible to a user on a mobile device.

Were the cases in question uploaded to a specific user? If not, you can re-upload cases, or use the Reassign Cases feature to direct them to the proper owner.


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Hi Clayton

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi zekarias,

I see, that sounds like it might actually be a bug in the system if it is failing to detect your new case type from the Excel upload.

Can you Report an Issue from the HQ interface so our support team can continue to assist?

In the short term, if the bug works like I am guessing, I believe that you could work around the issue by creating a new app (or Case Module in an existing app) and creating and submitting a new ‘dummy’ case (with a throwaway mobile user) of the case type that isn’t showing up. I think we should be able to address the upload issue, but that will get things moving again to unblock what you are trying to get done.


Thanks Clayton,

The case was already there, finding it on the import option was difficult.
It is not a bug - I think, a bit delayed though; it appeared when I come in the morning!