Huge delays in data exports

I have recently returned to CommCare development after a few months away and I am now experiencing very long delays in data exports (Forms and Cases). The delay is between clicking “Prepare data” and the data being ready for download. This is causing me real workflow problems. Is this a general issue or is it just me? If it’s system-wide, what is causing it and is this a temporary issue?



Hi Simon, we’re not aware of any ongoing infrastructure issues which would affect the amount of time it takes to generate exports. There are occasional spikes in activity which may slow down the export generation process for a brief period. Have you noticed this over multiple days? If you’d like us to inspect your particular project more closely, you can open a support request with the relevant information.

Depending on your use-case, you may also want to try using Daily Saved Exports, which will automatically update every 24 hours and be available for download.

  • Ethan