How to update case property for multiple cases selected in a multiple choice list

I am able to load a case list and use it to populate a multiple-choice list. How can change case properties for the cases I have selected?

Hello @zweligolowa,

CommCare typically only supports an individual form being able to update one case (i.e. the case that was selected before entering the form from a case list). There is an advanced feature associated with upper tier plans known as "Save to Case" that does allow for updating multiple cases in one form. I believe this feature would allow you to update multiple cases that you select in a multiple-choice list. I'd directly reach out to a CommCare rep to discuss the possibility of gaining access to this feature.


Hi Alejandro.

I found that out that this isn't possible within CommCare so we send the cases to an external server and process it there and send the data back to CommCare