How to solve this kind of error.


That error means you're trying to store a value that's inside a repeat group in a hidden value outside the repeat group, or to save that value to a case, is that right? This doesn't work, since there are multiple values for that question, and CommCare doesn't know how to convert that to a single value. You might try using the join function to do this. Someone else had a recent issue that is similar, check that thread for more details:

There are also some other old posts describing the issue that might have more information: Search results for '"more than one node"' - CommCare Forum

Thank you ethan ,

The possible problem is I have 3 sets of repeat groups in my form, let's say 1st visit to third visit. It was so confusing that the first visit was able to adopt data. The second I visit I put some validation like 'must be greater than the date of first visit ' then the error appears . and I want to link the data from the first box/Item visit to the second visit , what do you think? What calculations do I need to apply ?

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