How to Report Problems

Dear CommCare Users,

We wanted to make an extra push this week to make to help your problems out
in the field reach our ears back in Boston. It is extremely important to us
that errors in our software that appear at any point in the process of your
field work come to our attention as soon as possible, so we can fix the
problem for you and all our users. If you are having problems and aren’t
sure what’s causing them, you should get in touch with your closest contact
within Dimagi and he or she will can point you to the right solution or
escalate the problem as needed.

As part of the push we want people to be aware of our Bug Report Template,
which we’ve recently updated to make things easier for you. You can find it
at .
Sometimes it’s hard to tell if an error you’re experiencing is an error in
the software or an error in the configuration of the application or both or
something else entirely, so if you’re ever unsure, you can always contact a
Dimagi field fellow or your point person in Dimagi. If you do not know who
to contact, please email Amelia (; she is our field
fellow coordinator and an experienced field fellow herself, so she will know
where to direct you in case of an problem.

Just remember, however you choose to let us know about an error you’re
experiencing, the most important thing is that you do let us know!