How to reference multiple case type within a single form

Hello All,
I am trying to implement a walkthrough as follows:

We have enrolled participants under a household survey and we now need to conduct a baseline survey of which some of the participants will be participants whose information we have already collected under the hh survey and others we have not.

I am looking at pulling some important questions from the HH survey(The HH survey is too long for them to have to pre-fill that before running baseline) into a new registration form which will be linked to the Baseline survey allowing them to register a new participant from the case list menu before proceeding to the baseline survey.

The problem is how to structure both the HH survey(for old participants) and Registration form(for new participants) to link with the Baseline survey using case management as we will be referencing some information from both.


Workflow intended

  1. Open Commcare, only visible form is the Baseline form (Which should be a follow-up from the HH/Registration forms)
  2. See all previous cases registered using the HH Survey
  3. Button to register new case using the New registration form which should then create a new case under the HH survey.
  4. Proceed to fill out the Baseline form

Update 1: I am thinking a simpler walk-around would be to redirect new registrations directly to the HH survey but hide questions within the HH survey that are no longer pertinent.

Update 2: I have deleted the New Registration Form and enabled my add-on for creating new case from the Baseline survey but the option to allow the functionality from the Baseline form isn't activated.