How To Reference Lookup Table Value In a Hidden Value

Hi! I am trying to reference a value from a column in a lookup table using a hidden value. In other words, for this lookup table, if a user enters a certain ID, the hidden value would pull the corresponding value from that column. In this scenario, I'm trying to pull the value for outcome. Here are the details of my lookup table:

Any advice?


There's some documentation about reference lookup tables in your forms on this wiki page that should cover how to construct this query.

I think in your case it would be something like

instance('item-list:missingrace')/missingrace_list/missingrace[id= #form/user_entered_id]/VALUE_FIELD
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Thanks so much @Clayton_Sims ! I had actually used similar syntax and could not seem to get it to work at the time. I think I might have just missed something, perhaps the brackets around id. It works now!