How to Rank Ckeckbox Responses

I have the following:

  1. Lack of funds
  2. Lack or skill personnel
  3. Lack of stakeholder commitment
  4. Lack of gov’t commitment
  5. Lack of building plot
  6. Lack of equipment
  7. Lack of functional network
  8. Lack of market information

The users are to rank the top 3 issues they have based on the above list. How can I solve this is Commcare?

I tried Checkbox but it only allows me to select the four options but I can tell from the selection the order by which the items are ranked as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Does anyone know I can achieve this?


Hi Yaw,

There are a few different ways to model this interaction in CommCare.

If the order of first, second, and third doesn’t matter, the most straightforward option is to just set a Validation Condition on the question ensuring that the count-selected(.) output of the number of choices is equal to 3.

If order matters, the option that strikes me as the most straightforward involves using Lookup Tables.

I’d create a lookup table with the 8 options, and then I’d ask three multiselect (not checkbox) questions in a row, with the first asking “What is your #1 issue”, and then the second question filtering out the user’s selection from the first question, and the third filtering out the choices from the previous two.

That would let the user choose three options in a row, with each question excluding the previous answer from the list of choices.


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Hi Clayton,
Thank you very much for your suggestion.

Yes, the order is very important so the Lookup Table option might be the way to go.