How to make a case modifiable by all the mobile users

I have a solution on the commcare plateform. I need that a single case registered by a user should be available and modifiable by all the users.

Thanks I need your help.


You should be able to complete the use case you are describing by creating a single Case Sharing group which includes all of the users in your project space.


Thanks Clayton for your inputs.

Thanks for your input and support.

Please I want to know the number of time it takes to sync a case with other users.

Are you referring to the time it takes for a sync to complete (start to finish), or the frequency with which each user syncs?

Users can sync at any time to get updates or new cases from the server that have changed. The autosync frequency is controlled by an app level setting, and most programs generally rely on an autosync period of around a day, since it is common for users to be only intermittently connected.


Hello Clayton,
Thanks for your support. After checking I found that the least time of autosync is a day. By then, I will wait till tomorrow to find out that the cases done by a user are viewable by the other users in the same group.


Please keep in mind that if your app didn’t already have Case Sharing enabled, you’ll need to turn on that feature and create and deploy a new App Build to the mobile users before cases will be shared.

Cases are assigned to either a Group or a User, so cases which were created before Case Sharing groups were configured will remain assigned to their original user. You can change that assignment later in a number of different ways based on what works best for you.


Thanks for your great support. I think for moment everything is going green flag with my application.