How to create 2 child cases with 1 registration form in one go

We want to create 2 child cases with the same registration form without using repeat groups. Is that possible?
Scenario: in the registration form we register households (= parent case type). In the households there might be individual members who are willing to participate in project activity A and/or B (based on the expression of interest captured in specific questions in the registration form). These participants shall be created as child cases in a child case module. The following constellations are possible:

  • The household will not have members who are interested in participating in project activities: no child case created.
  • 1 household member (X) wants to participate in either A or B or in both activities: => creation of 1 child case
  • Member X wants to participate in activity A, member Y wants to participate in activity B => creation of 2 child cases
    Is it possible to set up the registration form in a way so that this becomes possible without using repeat groups? We were thinking of using a series of multiple choice questions asking about the willingness of household members using display conditions to be able to capture names of multiple household members willing to participate in different activities.
    I hope the description of the problem is understandable.