How to close a parent case when child case is closed using an automatic rule

Hello all!

I have set up an automatic rule which closes my child cases, however, this still leaves the parent case open. How can I also set up an automatic rule to automatically close the parent case as well.

There seems to be a feature which will automatically close a child case when a parent case is closed, but not the other way around, which seems weird to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

when you have a parent case and it closes, it makes sense that the children are also closed because by association, their parent is dead! nobody to take care of them - the main way to access those children is gone.

but the other way around, does not make sense to me at least as a child case is only one of many potentially. but a parent, is only one parent at any given time.

if you wish to have a rule to close the parent cases, try this
when the event that is supposed to close the child case takes place
update a parent case proprety that you create for this purpose "call it something like time_to_close_case" and update it with say..."yes"
have a case closing rule on the parent case when that case property says "yes"