How To Clear Test Data On CommCare Mobile App (Cell phones, tablets, etc.)

Hi! Is there a way to clear test data on the CommCare application? I have a longitudinal survey (i.e. a Registration Form and a repeating Followup Form). I have noticed that if a follow-up form does not meet the conditions for closing a case (e.g. the maximum number of calls have been made, the survey has been completed, etc.), the follow-up forms will remain on the list of forms to be completed.

However, given that my team and I have been testing the application, all of the data saved so far is test data. I feel that if the forms with specific study ids were to remain on our tablets and or the follow-up queue, it may confuse our study staff. How do we go about clearing test data forms? Archiving does not seem to clear any forms on our tablets.

Any input regarding this would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!


It depends a bit on how things are configured on your end.

Three suggestions

  1. I recommend using the practice mode whenever possible for testing, this will allow users to play with the app without sending data to the backend server associated with their real accounts.
  2. You can also create specific mobile user accounts (+ organizations or case sharing groups if you are using those features) for testing.
  3. If your followups are represented by cases, you should be able to log into HQ and close those cases, which should remove them from devices after sync.
  4. You can also archive forms on HQ to remove data from both mobile devices and reporting, but this may take additional work due to the ordering. Generally we find it easier to compartmentalize data upfront through specific testing accounts.
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Thanks so much @Clayton_Sims ! This was really helpful!