How to assign particular forms to specific devices just using a case list

We are working on a longitudinal survey with registration and a follow-up study of 10 to 20 visits. We have four groups of enumerates: Team -1 for registration, Team-2 for follow-up, Team-3 for verification, and Team-4 for the remaining inquiries. Team -1 will not view the remaining of the forms; teams 2–4 must see the case list but should not see Team -1 forms. How to assign certain forms to specific teams.


There are a few ways to accomplish this, but the easiest that jumps to mind is to use Custom User Data fields to identify users as a part of a team, then using Form Display Conditions which reference the custom user data (and potentially case data) to determine what forms each team member should see.

Dear @Clayton_Sims,
Thank you for your advice; everything is functioning wonderfully now.