How to Add New Languages to the APP which does not exist in the list

Anuak does not exist in the list, How is it possible to add it

Hi Andinet,

Languages don’t need to be in the list to be added, the dropdown is mostly there to ensure that languages are coded in a canonical way if available.

The ISO 639-3 language code for Anuak appears to be “anu”, so I’d use that rather than the full name to make sure it’s compatible with other dictionaries.

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Thanks for the Reply Clayton,
As you see in the picture the control to add a language is a dropdown list. How is it possible on the UI to add a new language which is not defined in the dropdown list.
We wanted to add a new translation for languages Anuak and Nuer.

Hi Andinet, we have just added those two languages to the list. Once this PR is merged, they should be available after a deploy.

Thank you @Ethan_Soergel