How do I get access to user properties in form builder?

I’m trying to display a question to one particular mobile worker only.

I understand I can do this through a display condition using #user/username. However, within form builder I can only access the case properties in the ‘Add Properties’ window, I cannot see the User Case properties in the window.

How can I get the User Case properties to appear in the ‘Add Properties’ window?



Hi Simon,

Just making sure that the user case setup is wired up on your project space: Do you see the User Case Management tab when viewing the form settings in HQ as per this screenshot?


Hi Clayton

This is what I see:

But I can’t see how to load user case properties.



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I’d appreciate a response to this please.

Many thanks


Hi Simon,

I think this might be a bug where your app needs to have saved a user property before any are available.

Can you try adding a property to the “Save Questions to User Properties” section, and make a build and see if you can see the dropdown afterwards? It would also be worth seeing whether submitting a form through live preview that sets a property will address the issue.

Even if those do work, this sounds like a potential bug to me, so I would Report it as an issue through the HQ interface after testing out those options to see if they trigger the correct behavior.