How do i change the appearance of question and labels

how do i change the appearance of question as Bold and the alert message or labels as Red . i tried to change it appearance attribute in advance section but it is not working. am i missing something… because of this when i am using multiple questions on same page, all the questions,options,alert messege etc looks same and hard to distinguish. also is there a way to have some space between two question when using multiple question per page.


CommCare offers a few different options for text formatting that you may
find helpful.

First - You can use a syntax called “markdown” to provide basic styling for
text in your app.

Second - You can use icons and multimedia to style alerts for users

Finally - If you have labels which are of relevance to the full page, on
android you can use a Notification Label to “float” a colored alert at the
bottom of the screen

Others on the list may have additional tips for how they use CommCare to
call out specific messages and alerts. Would love to hear about them!