How delete a child in repeat groupe

Hi, All Commcare users
I have a forme using repeate groupe, with a first field on the number of eligible children (1, 2, 3…).
If a mobile user enters for example 3 eligible children and that after data collection of the second child, he realizes that there are 2 eligible children instead of 3 in the household, how to delete the 3rd child of the form?
If he return and correct the number of eligible children, the empty page of the 3rd child is always present.
Thank your for your support!!!


I’ve attached an example XForm which you can upload to CommCare which will illustrate the components needed to accomplish this task.


I just realized the forum won’t let me send email attachments.

Instead, I’ve added this example to the wiki here:


Great Clayton. I dowloaded and opened the xml file. It’s perfect. Thank you!