Hide a survey from an application

I have created a survey last year, this year I will create another survey with some modifications, I would like to ask the developer team if they can add an option for the web user will use to hide a survey.

For exapmle: I made a Survey called" BCC Data Collection 2018" and this year I am making another one called “BCC Data Collection 2019”

I does not need to delete the previous survey BCC Data Collection 2018 but by mistake and/or error a data collector could use the previous survey! I would like to request an option that will hide the survey on the device without deleting it on the server.


Hi @TheogeneKarekezi

Good question. You can do this today. Please checkout our Form Display Conditions.

Essentially, if you want to hide a form/module from all users, you could specify false() in the Display Condition of that Module/Form.


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I can not see that options on the surveys form! For the case follow up is applicable!

You will have to enable the Display Conditions Add-on. Here’s our wiki on how to do that.

Could you please report back when your all set. Cheers.


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