Hidden value in the form

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I have update my pms form to add more options and need to hidden some option in the previous . I don't want to delete them but just hidden for the form. see this example
I want to hidden::

  • Respond verbally even if the child can not speak
  • Narrate daily routines and events.

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Unfortunately, there is no direct way to hide options from a questions, you will have to delete the options you don't want to show.

Apart from that, you can try these :

a) Have your options in a lookup table with three columns : Display , Value, Visibility (true or false, depending upon your requirement).
In this table you can have all your options with each one's display and use "Visibility = true" as your filter on lookup table. You can use this lookup table as your options to the multi-select question.
And next time when you change to options visible to user, you just have to change the "Visibility = false" for all those options which you dont want the user to see. This will ensure that you won't have to update the application in future, just the user's device sync is good enough to load this table into the form.

b) If your display of options is dependent on the type of user or a condition, you can add the same question multiple times with all different options possible and display only one question depending upon the your display condition.

Hope tha helps in some way @sambo

Thanks @ayogi for your answer,

actually we don't want to delete option from the previous. but we don't want it to show on the form. and it not the look up table.

if so, I want to filter with user role. is it posible?

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@sambo : Yes it possible.

(a) If you want to go by lookup table option I suggested above, you can have the field "Visibility" store the user-level value and apply the filter depending on the user-level inside the form.

(b) Else, you can add the same question multiple times but each question have the options depending upon user's level. You can then use the user level to display or hide the question(s).

@ayogi thank you, I will consider your idea.


You cannot hide any option from a question, you can either delete them or apply a validation condition disabling it to be selected.
Deleting is never recommended. You should add a validation !=.choice_value and !=.second_choice_value. This will not let anyone select the 2 options.