Help setting up Vellum

Hi there, I am trying to build xforms using Vellum. So far I have only managed to get the test set up running, and is what I am using to build the form ( I am not sure if it works similarly to the optimized version), but I am unable to set up the optimized option through these instructions. I would like some help setting up the optimized version, thanks.

Are you trying to run Vellum as a standalone utility, or inside a commcare-hq stack? If you're trying the latter, the commcare-hq has instructions on how to run Vellum from source on your local HQ stack.

Yes, I am trying to run it as a standalone utility.

Running the "optimized" version is very similar to running the non-optimized version, and I think in your case it will not matter at all. In this case "optimized" means minified and packaged JavaScript, which is nice if you're planning to distribute on a high-volume website, but also makes debugging harder. I wouldn't bother with it if you just want to use the stand-alone Vellum in a local browser, as I think you are very unlikely to see any performance difference.

Looks like you got it running just fine there in stand-alone mode. Congratulations!

Alrighty! Thank you.

Is it possible to preview the form built on a UI?