Help: Score calculation

Hi all,

Can anyone help us with the formula to create/calculate a score from a checklist step by step?

We have 16 yes/no single select questions. One of the questions is shown below.

What does choice value mean in the image? We want to put 1 as default value if the answer is yes and 0 if the answer is no.

After we want to calculate a score by summing all yes answers divided by total number of applicable answers (in our case there are sixteen applicable answers as we have sixteen single choice questions).

There is a section that talks about hidden values, but we do not know how we can use them.

Looking forward to your reply.

It sounds like you are on the right track overall here.

I think you should be able to score these by creating a hidden value with a calculation like

(int(#form/question_1) + int(#form/question_2) + ... ) div 16