Help on getting builds for CommCare Mobile

I have successfully put a monolithic install following the tutorial:

But on step 13, I cant get the version builder to work.
I would like to ask for some clarification on how to import the builds

Thanks in advance

What’s the problem you’re running in to? Are you able to access the page at all?

I can access the page of the setup, but I try to follow the instructions, but at the end I cant publish new versions.

I just want a clarification on the instructions that are on the setup page

Once you successfully import a build, it should appear as an option when you click “Add a version”. Do this, then click “Update Menu Options”. This should make the new version appear in the app manager. It looks like there’s a caching issue there, but if you navigate to the edit builds menu page again, it should reset the cache.

I wonder if the issue isn’t the same as mine - it seems based on this thread: Error on deployment of Formplayer, Pablo is getting the same ‘missing file or folder’ error in the formplayer log as I am here: Issue compiling forms

My build appears to have imported OK:

FYI I made a couple minor changes to fix that caching issue and make this page work a little more smoothly.

Thanks for tying those two issues together, Ed. I’ll let follow-up on this take place on those threads.

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