Help needed - USE CASE: follow-up and patient tracing

Hi all,

I want to build app based on the form below and Iam wondering if you could me meet the logic in 1, 2 and 3 in relation to modules/forms and validation.

CHWs visit patients for follow up visits and tracing in the community.

  1. If, on the first visit, the chw finds the patient, they tick the positive prevention package they have talked about with the patient and schedules the next visit. There will seven (7) visits and in each of them the chw will talk about the packages (pp1, pp2, pp3, pp4, pp5, pp6 and pp7).
  2. If the patient is not found, the chw ticks the reason for not finding them. If the patient has died or has not been found in three search/tracing visits, the chw must close the case.
  3. If the patient is found in each of the three tracing visits, then he/she will receive seven visits and seven prevention packages as described in point 1

Thanks in advance for your help.


It sounds like this would fit into a fairly straightforward structure in CommCare by using a case property per-package to specify whether it has been covered, another case property to count how many tracing visits have been performed.

The most helpful thing you could probably do to make the structure of this app easier is to separate out the Registration aspects of this form from the followup elements. The logic around what case properties to update, what conditions are available, etc, are likely to be complex, and needing to maintain that logic between a registration form and one or more followup forms could be quite error prone.

It sounds like in that structure, there would be one registration form which creates a case, and then one followup form which is filled out both during registration, and then on subsequent visits. In that form, the next visits can be scheduled, and the logic around progress through the protocol can be retrieved from the case and updated as needed.