Help for app building

App building

I have been assigned a task to build Tb App, but Iam new to commcare. Below the basic workflow for the app. I appreciate Cody Stahl’s help but I think my yesterday’s post was not very clear.


I. There are two Tb cases that are to be registered:

  • index case (person who has Tb already identified) and their contacts in a household, but the community health worker doesn’t have to register the household’; They must register only the index case and their contacts. If contacts are children over 1 and under 5 years, they are referred immediately to health facility and start isoniazid preventive treatment for tuberculosis
  • Suspected case (a person not living with the index case who is thought of having Tb symptoms). The contacts of a suspected are not registered.

II. Follow up with the contacts of the index case and the suspected case during 5 visits. If in one of the visits, the contacts show signs of tb, then they are referred to a health facility for test where the CHW will go and check the test result by a filling out a referral follow up form. If the test is negative, the CHW continues with the visits, but if the test is positive, the contact must be added to the index case list (people with TB) and start treatment.

III. lost to follow up (follow patients in the community)

I continue appreciating any help from the community

Hi Ferdinand,

From my experience as a beginner I would suggest the following:

  1. Start by watching videos on using CommCare: Start here:

  2. Try to get in-person training from someone who is experienced with CommCare. They might suggest ways of using CommCare and other tools that might not be clear from training resources.

All the best.


Thank you, Andre, for your advice and help.

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