Help: Build a form based on a table

Based on the table below, I want to create an app form on commcare.

The numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) represent observations; for each observation, the questions are the same, that is, for each observation, a chw has to enter date (DATA dia/mês/ano), start time (HORA INICIO), end time (HORA TÉRMINO) and Number of observation teams (EQUIPA DE OBSERVADORES).

The form shouldn’t allow more than 7 observations.


Hi Davuyambantu,

you can use repeat group for the this type question. and fix the limit for the repeat group 7.

this is the link for more details:

Hi @Sagar_Kadam

I will follow the link and say something after reading the page.

Thank you.


I guess the data will be captured at different time intervals. If this is the case then what I would have done is to use a follow-up form to record the details of the observations which will be countered anytime the follow up form is used.

It is just like Home Visit form just that in this case you know the number of observations so when the counter hits 7 that particular record can be removed from the phone.



Yes, the data is captured at different intervals but observations are independent from each other. In this case, Should I use the follow-up form approach? I also need to show in a label. which observation the chw is entering data. for.

How would I structure the app?

Any suggestions and hints will be helpful

I have a similar case, the problem is in the follow up forms the new entries will overwrite the old ones and they will not appear in the export,
so I did this:
first create a hidden value with the counting function: coalesce: (
then create a label to show the above counter for the mobile workers
after that add a multiple choice question to ask about the observation’s number (you will have 7 choices), and give the worker a hint (in the hint section) to choose the answer based on the counter label, if the counter is 1 they need to choose 1
then insert your observations’ questions 7 times, the question’s IDs should reference the number of observation
after that, with display conditions, connect between each observation’s number and its questions.
finally, if you want the form to stop after the 7th observation, you can insert a condition in the form’s display condition (in the settings page), this will make the form disappear for the case after the final observation.
I know it looks complicated, but it’s not, and it’s actually working for me

Hi @aysha

Thank you for help. I will follow your approach and say something if I get stuck.

Hi @aysha

I have created a hidden value: observacao_count
Following your link, to create a counter, I need to set up the case management to save the hidden value to the case. But, I have chosen Surveys, not case list as app type. What may be the workaround as it’s very important for the chw to know which observation she is entering data for?

Hello @davuyambantu
you need a case list to follow up on beneficiaries, surveys collects data only once
So my suggestion for you is to create a case list, a registration forms to collect the basic data (name, ID, etc.) then a follow up form with my previous suggestion
for the counter to be visible for the CHW, create the counter in a hidden value then create a “label” question type, and then reflect the hidden value in the label

good luck!