Having Trouble Uploading a Case List with GPS Coordinates (that can connect to a map application like Google Maps or OsmAnd) on CommCare

Hi! I uploaded a case list using the "Import Cases from Excel feature" referenced in the article here: Creating New Cases - 1. Setup Excel File - CommCare Public - Global Site

On my Excel spreadsheet, I have the following case properties: case_id (left blank), household_name, gps (GPS coordinates), and owner_name for the mobile user. I am hoping to have my case list load such that clicking on the GPS coordinates would trigger the opening of a map application, either Google Maps or OsmAnd, though ideally both. See the image below for context:

However, when I access my Case List on the Commcare, the GPS coordinates do not seem to hyperlinked and cannot link to Google Maps or OsmAnd. Are they supposed to be formatted a certain way? See the image below for context:

Any input regarding this would be much appreciated!

Two points of feedback:

  1. In order to have CommCare provide a link, you'll generally need to set the Format of the item in the case details screen to Address as outlined on this help site page.

  2. Your GPS coordinates currently aren't in a format I'd expect to work, I think you need to introduce a space or comma character in between latitude and longitude. I'd recommend a space, since that's common to other CommCare geopoints.