Having Issues with Getting Pre-Loaded Case List to Load on CommCare Application

Hi! I created a CommCare application with the following surveys:

  1. Household Survey
  2. Child Nutrition
  3. E. Coli Test Results
  4. MUAC
  5. Serology
  6. Bacteriology

The case types for the aforementioned surveys are the following, respectively.

  1. household
  2. household_member
  3. household
  4. household_member
  5. household_member

I created a pre-loaded case list by uploading an Excel spreadsheet through the Data tab on my application:

Data>View All> Edit Data>Import Cases from Excel>Choose File>Next Step. See the images below:


My pre-loaded case list has the following case properties:

case_id (left blank), household_name (Household 1 - Household 10), gps (GPS coordinates in the format of latitude then longitude. See the image below:

I set the case type for the preloaded case list as household (see above for the case types of the surveys).

I was hoping that when I opened the CommCare app and selected the Household survey, the prepopulated case list with households 1-10 would appear, as well as the other listed case properties.

Is there a reason why my case list is not popping up? I should note that the Household survey is a registration form. I am not sure if that affects anything.

Any input regarding this would be much appreciated; thanks!

I'm guessing that the issue here was just that the new cases didn't end up assigned to any person or group.

You can reassign them to a specific person with these instructions and in the future you could assign them to a common group or location that a mobile user is a member of, which would make them appear on devices automatically after upload.