Grid view in Web Apps form?


I’d like to access the advances web apps formatting, specifically to have a form appear in a grid view on the web apps.

The only website I can find with instructions on how to do advanced formatting on CommCare is this page which seems to just be for the Android app. At the top, it says that you need to go to the Advanced Web Apps Formatting page for web apps formatting. But going to this page asks me to log in.

Can anyone point me towards the documentation for appearance/formatting for WebApps? Or advise how to change questions like this:

into something more dense/columnar, e.g.:

Jan-23 Feb-23 Mar-23
No. of men

This is possible with XLSForm/Enketo but can’t see a way in CommCare. I’ve tried the "minimal", “compact” & "compact-2" appearance options but they have no effect on the output.


I doubt you can do much with this outside of the advanced formatting options described !
it would be cool if we could though

Thanks @Mazz

Does anyone know of a "request feature" channel for Commcare - formatting of forms would be a great benefit and is very easy in ODK/Enketo.