GPS points in decimal

Dear friends,
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I Wanted to capture GPS data in decimal degrees.
Latitude: in decimal degrees
Longitude: in decimal degrees
Elevation: in metres, and
Precision / Accuracy: in metres
Could you please let me know how to design this in form builder? I would appreciated if any one could support me.
Thanks for your help!

Hi Abdul,

The GPS question in CommCare stores the location value in a space separated string like “latitude longitude altitude accuracy” where all of these values are decimal values for the corresponding variable. You can further manipulate this string using selected-at function to separate out the individual values from the string.

P.S. This section of the forum is intended to help people developing CommCare and you should use the CommCare Users Section for questions related to usage of CommCare.

Hi Shubham,
Thanks for your reply I want to collect GPS points offline, I have provide the question for “latitude longitude altitude accuracy” in text type not GPS type to collect online, so in this case is there any other option with decimal context if so please let me know any example if you have, please see the attached scree shot of my question.

I am still a bit unsure about what you are trying to achieve, though if you just want user to enter the decimal values manually for your GPS questions, you should be able to use “Decimal” question type instead of “Text”.