GPS point collection error

Hello, I hope everyone is well!

We are trying to collect GPS points around the boundary of a field to eventually create a polygon of the shape of the field.

However, we are finding that the GPS point is not changing as you walk from corner to corner of the field. The only thing that has worked so far to fix this is to turn the GPS on the tablet on and off between every corner, which is very cumbersome.

Has anyone experienced a similar error? And how did you resolve it?

Thank you!
One Acre Fund - Zambia

Hi Caitlin,

GPS is a huge drain on battery, and I do recall efforts that we've made in the past on the software development team to try to ensure that within a form we are only using it for the shortest time possible. It's possible that's interfering with the process in some way, here.

Are you collecting the GPS points through questions in the form, or are you using the area mapper application? The latter is built for the use case you are outlining, so it might help resolve things.