GPS location in CommCare builder

Regarding GPS location, I can put a google map in the questionnaire where
the enumerator can pin point the location of the field. The map shows in
the preview of the mobile app in the CommCare builder (Desktop version) but
the map does not show on the mobile app on the tablet. On the tablet mobile
app, it just locates and gives GPS coordinates of where the enumerator is.
It does not show map. Why is it? And how to make it show the map?

I also have issues with enumerator skipping questions. So I would like to
know if I can put a display condition to show the next question only if the
previous question is answered.

I know how to put display condition for multiple and checkbox questions –
to display a question only if at least one option has been selected from a
previous checkbox question. But I would like to put that condition for text
and all other types of questions. How can I do that?

Can I put a repeat group for a check box question?

For example: ‘What types of crops do you grow?’

         - maize

         - rice

         - green gram

         - black gram.

And I want questions like “how much seed you use?” "What is the yield? " to
repeat for all the selected crop types. I tried putting repeat group but it
shows error on the mobile app stating that repeat only support number