GPS keeps querying for minutes and minutes, but it never reaches a "good" value – 10 m

Hi, everyone

I have a GPS question in my form which keeps querying for minutes and minutes when the chw clicks on it. It never reaches a “good” value – 10 m. it shows 3600 m. What may be the problem?


Is this happening across al devices or just one device?

Possible causes:

Broken GPS Antenna
Poor visibility to the sky (GPS isn’t great in canyons, valley’s, inside buildings, cloud covered, etc…)
Android settings (permission to use location data for specific app “CommCare”)

anybody else got an idea why?

Another useful thing to check:

Android has an optional high-accuracy location mode which depending on device and configuration can be enabled globally or sometimes per-app.

Your phone may be set to low accuracy mode either for all apps, or specifically for CommCare.


Hi, Mazz.

This is happening only on one device. Thank you for your hints.

Hi @Clayton_Sims

Thank you. I will set the phone to low accuracy and see what happens.

Here is an article that I really find useful while debugging any GPS issues with my phone. It’s by Strava but is relevant for troubleshooting any sort of GPS issues.