"Go to" configurations

I am asking the question of how many siblings there are. Then dependent on the response, they will need to answer two questions (name and DOB) for each sibling. I am running into two problems.
(1) How to generate a hidden value “if, then go to” statement. Is that possible? They are being asked if there are more siblings and if the answer is yes, then I want it to automatically go to the question asking for name and DOB. If the answer is no, then I want it to go to a label which states “form is complete”.
(2) My other thought, is there a way to create a hidden valley that automatically makes them fill out the question of sibling name and DOB based on their multiple choice response to how many siblings they have? So if they chose “3” for number of siblings, then they will be prompted to fill out name and DOB for 3 siblings.

I appreciate any help or advice! Thanks!


You can use Repeat Groups in a form to accomplish workflows like the ones you are outlining.