Generating QR codes or Barcodes

Hello, How can I generate QR codes or barcodes from some data collected via commcare forms. Also, is it possible to print the barcode or QR code generated using zebra IMZ320 Bluetooth printer.

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@rosestark Thank you for your note. But it is not within the context of my question as it borders around CommCare. Anyways, thank you.

@whalesarowolo CommCare includes functionality for scanning barcodes or QR codes, but I don’t believe there’s a feature which can generate them. One approach would be to export the relevant form data to excel, then use a third-party tool to generate and print the barcodes.

It’s possible for CommCare to generate a QR Code containing the data that you want, but that mechanism only produces a QRCode on screen. That code can be directly scanned from other devices.


@Clayton_Sims Thank you for this update. I am going to explore this and update this thread with my findings.

This topic has kind of become a magnet for linkspamming so I'm going to close it out. Please make a new post if you want to ask for details about it!