Forward Forms (Pending items but NOT in pending list)

Hello Commcare Dev,

I've successfully set up CommCare to transmit data through OpenFn. However, I'm currently facing an issue where it abruptly ceased forwarding forms starting from September 29, 2023. The system reports more than 42,005 pending items awaiting forwarding, yet my connection's pending status remains at 0. Can anyone provide assistance with this matter?

@Calvin any help on this issue?

After Resending , It shows success but upon checking at response it shows 'Failed to fetch attempts'

Anyone who can help with this @Calvin @Simon_Kelly

Hi @Kiptoos,

Unfortunately I dont have any experience with Forward forms in commcare. If I am entirely honest I didnt even know you could do this. We have always used commcare's API to pull form data.

Hopefully one of the main guru's can help you out.


Hi @Kiptoos

If you click on the "Responses" button on one (or more) of those failed attempts, what does it say? That might give an indication as to why this failed.


Thanks @smittieC This is the error

@Kiptoos Right! That error is shown when something goes wrong when the UI fetches the repeat records from the server. Do the Remote API Logs show a successful request was made to the remote server?

For the Remote API Logs is blank... has nothing

@Kiptoos I just learned that a support ticket was logged for (what looks like) the same issue. We will look into this.

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We did raise.
Thanks looking forward for the feedback.

"Data Forwarding" is a useful way of keeping a system topped up with data, as new data gets sent along when it's received, versus the APIs, which require the client to initiate the request. The main drawbacks of data forwarding are that it doesn't operate in bulk, and it expects the client server to be always online, though there is fault tolerance and retries built-in.