Formplayer returned a 502 status code

Please assist I am getting Formplayer returned a 502 status code. I have attached check_services screenshot and Formplayer log screenshot.

Looking forward to your assistance.

Hi, Fredrick.

It looks like your flyway version requires that you need to upgrade your PostgreSQL version. I'm not sure which version of PostgreSQL your instance of flyway would require, but I think simply upgrading to PostgreSQL 10 will solve the problem.

Hello Charl,

Thank you for the feedback.

Considering that the whole installation process is controlled by playbooks. Please advise how to go about it and bring that I am in the lastest update I would assumed this should be handled. Just wanted be sure that the upgrade will not break anything additional. And currently using version 9.6

Hello Charl,

Thank for the insight I followed this Upgrading PostgreSQL — CommCareHQ Deployment documentation and I was able to get form player running.

That's a good point. I'll raise this with the team.

I was able to get form player running.