Form type in application structure API

Hi there,

In the application builder you can chose to create either a "register" or "followup" form type when creating forms.

From an API perspective it would be interesting to be able to understand the type of the form. The application structure API seems to be the correct endpoint to use for structural metadata. The application API contains modules which each contain forms. Is this type information, whether a form is of type "register" or "followup", available in the API?

If not, would it be feasible to add a form type property to the form object? Something similar to formType: REGISTER|FOLLOWUP.

Hey Lars,

Exposing this information is a good idea. The "register"/"followup" paradigm in the app builder is a bit of UI gloss on top of a more complex structure that might be hard to retrofit to the API, but having some general notion of how the form interacts with the underlying case data would certainly be very valuable for external integrations.

Could you say more about how you're hoping to use this information?


Thanks for the response @czue. I'm basically trying to infer which fields are considered "permanent attributes" with a single value and no time dimension (e.g. "Name"), and which fields are considered "data values" with a time dimension and potentially many values (e.g. "Received some service").

I guess looking at the case API is the way to do that, and not the form type.

Hi Lars,

Got it. I'm not sure that will be available in the case API either. I think the information you're looking for is available in the "application summary" page. We have discussed making that information more available programmatically through APIs, though I'm not aware of any active plans to make that happen.

You may be able to build a workflow off the downloadable export of that page though?