Form player becomes too slow

Hi Everyone ,

The form player has become extremely slow that it makes debugging any application very difficult using it. It took me 3.11 minutes to start/run our eCHIS application using the form player.

Attached below is the screenshot of a timer to indicate the time it takes to view the menu items after the “Start” button is clicked on the form player.

HI @daki ,
Thanks for reporting. We’ll need some more information to help you debug where the issues are coming from.
Do you have a snapshot of your resource usage at that moment in time? You can use the datadog integration to find this type of information. If your formplayer service machines are hosted on the same VM as other commcare services, is formplayer competing for resources?
Did this happen after changes in your application? If so, what changes?
Does this happen every time you access webapps, or only the first time a user tries to load a particular version of the app (i.e. is it building the application that is slow, or something else?)