Form forwarding stuck?

Hello - I have used form-forwarding successfully in the past, but it has been a while since I’ve tried it. I’ve turned it back on, used the ‘test connection’ to see that connecting to my server is working, submitted a form, and see a “1 pending items to be forwarded” message on the forwarding set-up screen - but nothing is ever sent. Is something stuck? How long after a form is submitted should I expect to see it forwarded?


Hi Aaron,

I recommend filing a support ticket for this if it lasts more than an hour. The system can get backed up under heavy load, but it is atypical and something the team would want to look at and address if it was happening regularly or with substantial delays.


Thanks - it seems to be unstuck now, though the stuck form left the queue without being delivered - hm. Reset by the invisible hand, I suppose.


Hi Aaron,

I would submit an issue if it appears that forms are leaving the queue without being successfully forwarded. Form forwarding is designed to be a guaranteed delivery, not a best-effort, so if you aren’t receiving them reliably our team should look into any issues.


Hi Aaron,

You can use the “Data Forwarding Records” report under Project Settings to see what happened to that particular form.

We retry sending failed records a maximum of 3 times until they get put into a “cancelled” state. From that report, you will be able to manually re-send any cancelled records.

In general, form and case forwards can take up to 5 minutes to leave the queue, but can occasionally take longer depending on system load. You should see these marked as “Pending” in the Data Forwarding Records report.