Form export for images: instead of links have the image displayed in the spreadsheet

Hi all,

For images submitted in the forms, the current form export to Excel only has the image files as links. Is it possible to display the links directly as images?

The links are also not public (require username and password) so I cant even use a script or formula to display the image. Example, =Image() formula in GoogleSheet or using a VB script in Excel.

Do any of you know of a solution?

Usecase for our organization:
We fill out attendance forms with beneficiary name, contact details etc. and then signature. We then need to download and print the list of beneficiary name and details along with their signature for approval from Finance department. Without the ability to print signatures, we still have to do paper surveys to collect signature.

I see this was brought up once couple of years ago, but no solution was suggested :frowning:

Wondering if anyone has faced a similar situation. Look forward to hearing your thoughts!


I haven’t run into this yet with CommCare reporting, but, i did once before.

I remember finding an automator that allowed me to automatically download all those files using a secure https connection, then i just linked to the local files for my reports. I think i used this one back then

Looks like it’s discontinued



Thanks so much for your response @Mazz.

And about 'linking the local files to your report', do you mind sharing how you did this? Sorry if this is a silly question to ask.

Thanks so much!:slight_smile:

no worries at all Ninette,

so first i found out what file format the image was stored in cause the value stored in the database didn't have the file extension.

then, i ran the automator to download those files to a specific folder for each year/month for all the images. I found out how to do that with "Action(s)". This folder was on my own computer instead of the cloud where the images were securely stored.

the name of the file was the unique value for that image that was stored in the database. in case it's too long, take the last X letters of the value in the database and use it as the filename. it is not likely to duplicate in a single month so you won't overwrite an existing image.

i was using Crystal Reports for reporting from my data. so, i was able to write a short code in the report to concatenate the filepath, the year, month, and file name into a dynamic value that changed for each row in the data i was reading. I then passed that to the "filepath" attribute of the image on the report, and it managed to grab it without an issue because at this point, the link to the file was not using SHTTP, but a normal file call

Good luck! it might take a few trials and errors, but don't give up :slight_smile: