Form display condition missing on follow up form

The form display condition which is highlighted in the tutorials is not currently available in the follow up forms in the case list.

I have gone to Settings< Checked under Advanced and Logic options and it is still not there. The only thing displayed in the end navigation.

Please advice.


You will need to enable the appropriate Add On for Form Display Conditions as per the instructions in the wiki.


hi there,

I just enabled the only available feature previews as suggested above..... but am having a similar problem as Mutono: the form settings on are different from the ones on the "form display conditions page" and the form condition tutorial video

Any tips on how I can create a form display condition?

thank you!

Hi Gabriella,

Have you been able to turn on the add-on for Display Conditions as explained here?

You will need to go to the application settings page > Add-ons > then on the hamburger menu + dropdown button next to the Save button > select Calculations > then you should be able to enable Display Conditions