Force Log-Out Mobile User via SMS

Hi everyone,
Is there a way this is currently supported:

  1. Send a bulk sms to mobile users that contains a deep link or some meta data to force-logout the users on App Startup.
  2. After step 1, on login, the user is forced to install the latest version from the server (i.e., do not open the App modules whether offline or online, rather force the user to connect to internet and update to the latest App version)

This is increasingly becoming relevant for our project as we are managing more than 400 mobile users and mostly in disconnected areas. Despite our efforts in communicating the need for users to update to the latest versions, we still find ourselves in situations where one or more users end up collecting data with older versions of the App.

Or is there a way we can configure the server (CommCareHQ) to reject/flag submissions of the forms submitted by an older App version, after a certain date? We have tried setting Auto update frequency and Auto syncing frequency to daily but it only helps when a user starts the App while connected to internet, but it allows them to proceed with opening the modules even though they are out of sync/outdated. In this particular use case, we would like to be able to logout the users and require them to update to the latest version and or sync with the server, whenever we need them to do so (i.e., on demand).