Find case_id of an open case

Hi I want to close a case/ archive the form for a specific case. I know the username that is assigned to this case and the case name, but I don’t know the case id. How can I find it? I am looking at this page. It says

  1. Go to ‘Export Cases’
  2. Download “Open Cases”

Where is the “Export Cases” page? I found an “Export Case Data” page, but it doesn’t have the “open cases” filter.


There are a few ways to identify the case ID. You’re correct that the linked article is referencing the Export Case Data page. If you were to create a new export for the Case Type in question and ensure that Case ID, Name and Owner are among the properties in the export, then you’ll be able to match the ID to the case.

Alternatively, if you know some information about the case, you can use the Case List report to find that specific case. Once found and the corresponding Case Data Page is opened, the ID will be listed as a property in the header.