Filter a case list by answer of a multichoice question

I have this multichoice question in a contact follow up form: Has the patient been diagnosed with tb? With two options: yes or no. I want to use the answer of this question to filter a case list so that it only shows contacts who haven’t been diagnosed with tb, i.e, whose answer is no. I want to save the answer of this question to a case property in this previous form and filter the case list so that the next time the CHW visits the contact, the list only shows those contacts not diagnosed with tb.

I have the page about child cases, but I still don’t know how to do this filtering


I don’t think you should need to use Child Cases in this event.

I believe you should be able to simply set a case property on the patient’s case from the result of the diagnosis question, then you can create a second module with the same case type, and apply a Case List Filter to show only cases that meet the condition