[field-dev] 'My Domain' in CommCareHQ - what's it do? how to use it?

Hey Mohini,

I’m forwarding your question to commcare-users, since it’s a good one, and
one of the more confusing areas of CommCare HQ.

Hi everyone,

At the top of my CCHQ domain page, I see a tab called ‘My Domain’.

What is the purpose of ‘domain forwarding’? Would be nice if someone
could explain when this feature is useful.

“Domain Forwarding” allows you to forward data submitted to CommCare HQ to
a second server. Most of our users won’t care about this, but it is useful,
for example, if you want to integrate CommCare with an existing system
using the CommCare APIs [1].

“Forward forms” will forward the phones’ submissions to a url of your
choosing as they come in.

“Forward cases” will forward just case data as cases are updated and


[1] https://wiki.commcarehq.org/display/commcarepublic/CommCare+HQ+APIs

··· 2012/2/23 Mohini Bhavsar