FFG Rainforest Alliance Commcare Questions

Hi Paul,

Please find the answers to the Dimagi questions attached. Is this part of a
more in-depth assessment you are carrying out for RA? Would you like a
follow-up call with someone from our technical staff? Happy to help answer
any additional questions you may have.


TSG_Questions for Dimagi.docx (160 KB)

··· On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 3:13 PM, Paul Smalec wrote:

Hello Michelle, Meriwether, and Matt,

Please find a list of questions below directed at Rainforest Alliance and
Dimagi/ Commcare in support of inquiring into how well the Commcare
application can scale given Rainforest Alliances needs. If you have any
questions on these please feel free to reach out. I am always happy to try
to get a call scheduled to discuss.

Questions for Rainforest Alliance:

  1. Which plan level is RA subscribed to from Dimagi? (Pro plan?)
  2. How many users do you have currently? Is there a difference between
    active and inactive users?
  3. For scaling, would RA prefer a big bang approach (Roll out to
    multiple crops & languages at once) or a phased approach (Where we onboard
    groups of different crops one at a time)?
  4. Are people in the same community going to see the same content? Do
    they grow the same crops, etc.? Would it be unique log in for each user or
    one log in per community?
  5. Does RA care about having the Commcare branding in their app or do
    they want personalized branding?

Questions for Dimagi:

  1. Will Commcare app support multiple languages within the same app?
    Can language be personalized based on log in or some other profile
  2. When you initially download the Commcare app do you have to
    download all of the content? Or is the content only downloaded when you
    sync to the server? Can you restrict which content is synced from the
    server based on some profile attribute, etc.?
  3. How many employees does Dimagi have?
  4. Please group the number of employees by function (I.E. Sales and
    Marketing, Developers, Support, etc.)
  5. What is the rough percentage of employees vs third party
  6. How many offices does Dimagi have and what are their locations?
  7. How many clients currently use the CommCare application?
  8. How many clients use over 80% of the features available within the
  9. How are upgrades to the application distributed?
  10. What percent of clients are on the latest build of the application?
  11. When a client subscribes to a package, what choices are there to
    host the application?
  12. If Dimagi offers hosting, do they provide the hosting capabilities
    themselves (Dimagi owned servers) or do you contract out to TPP? If TPP,
    please provide the name/ names of providers.
  13. Where is the app/database hosted? What are the infrastructure
    capabilities? When will we get access to the servers it’s hosted on and the
    tools used to build the app?
  14. When clients want to scale their application, do you suggest
    creating a new instance or adding more servers?


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