Exporting COVID-19 data for reporting

I wrote a document about my experience exporting some (fake) COVID-19 data from CommCare to a Postgres database and charting that data using Apache Superset. If you are building a reporting pipeline but prefer not to use the Tableau or Power BI tools that are already integrated with CommCare, you may benefit from the lessons I learned.

The notes are in a separate document because they grew too long to be a good forum post. However, please send any questions to the forum because many other people besides me may be able to answer them.

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Hey Charlie,

This is awesome! I’m actually working on the exact same problem for our team internally at Dimagi and would love to get your input on some stuff we’re working on to help make this a smoother process for our projects working on the COVID response. Shoot me a message if you’d be willing to provide feedback and potentially pitch in on the effort.

czue at dimagi dot com